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Take Your BBQ Game to the Next Level With these Meaty…and Meatless Marinades That will leave the Joneses begging for your Secret Sauce



With Blogging Sensation Angel Wong

Grandma Wong Takes Eggplant To A Whole New Level With Our Vegetarian Oyster Mushroom Sauce



Unearth the True Treasure

Inside Every Bottle Real Ingredients • Sourced from Nature • Vegan


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Earth Flavor with a Deep, Roasted Taste.

Earth Flavor with a Deep, Roasted Taste.

Food & Wine magazine taste tests, and calls our sauce as a top, brewed shoyu sauce.

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Chef Ming Tsai Demonstrates with Wan Ja Shan

Chef Ming Tsai Demonstrates with Wan Ja Shan

Ming Tsai demonstrates our Gluten Free Soy Sauces from Wan Ja Shan

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Umami Dearest

Umami Dearest

From modest beginnings, Wan Ja Shan has grown to brewing 3 million gallons of natural soy sauce per year.

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A Quarter Century of Tastes

Our Brewmaster, Mr. Lin, has been living the Salty Life for over 20 years! Each and Every Sauce is Lovingly Inspected using his Expertise. Sauce may be boss, but on the factory floors what Mr. Lin says GOES. He carefully observes each Sauce throughout the entire fermenting process and determines which is worthy to Carry on our dinner time legacy. Wanjashan is a family. The extraordinary dedication of people like Mr. Lin Is The Real Ingredient That Makes our sauce EXTRA.

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7 Things To Do When You’re Feelin’ Salty…And NOT The Good Kind


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Unearth The True Treasure

Some people dream of lavish houses or an armada of cars. Our Founder dreamed of basic human necessity. You have to eat right? Food is the fuel that feeds our bodies and warms our hearts. Why NOT nourish your body with wholesome ingredients mindfully blended.


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5 Tips To Take Your BBQ Game To The Next Level

For those moments when you plan an impromptu meal using ingredients that you know that you already have. Then, you reach for a potato…and its has ALIEN GROWTHS!!!!

Spare the Food, Spoil Your Pocketbook Next Time You Purchase a Sack of Potatoes Throw An Apple in The Sack And Never Worry About Another Sprout Attack

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The Famous “Fifth” Taste. umami.

Soy Sauce is the Salty King hailed for its rich array of exotic flavor.
Discover New Ways of Indulging Your Tastebuds with these
5 Chef Inspired Insider Tips

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