Is there anything more disappointing than a full day spent at the grill anticipating the meaty feast you so carefully tended to in the scalding heat only to find that it is less of a feast and more like tough, bland jerky? Nope, not much. Give the Joneses a run for their money this year with these 5 Grill Master Tips.

1. bbq + brew

You’ve heard the adage about BBQ and Brew…right? WRONG Brew, right idea. The mystical “they” weren’t talking about alcohol. They were talking about brewed sauce!!!

We won’t tell if you won’t.

Your taste buds can only identify a few key flavors. There is one exquisite flavor that you would be hard-pressed to find in traditional American Cuisines…EXCEPT in EXCEPTIONAL BBQ Joints.


This fermented and aged “fifth flavor” is a protein commonly found in Soy Sauce and OUR Worcestershire Sauce. When your buddies ask “what is that flavor” while shoveling in mouthfuls of perfectly grilled nom noms, feel free to tell them the secret is in the sauce.

2. glaze and grill baby!

If you have spent any time around the pit, you probably have developed a stellar meat rub, huh?

Heck, yes you have! Congratulations! You are a step above the rest.

How about Step 1? You know…the glaze part. You must crawl before you walk. The glaze and rub are a dynamic duo that work like swarthy companions bringing your grilled goodness to a whole new level. Your key flavor notes will turn into a full-featured opera when you pair the two together.

And when you are ready, check out our 100 year inspired Sweet Soy Glaze. BADA-BING.

3. Marriage of Marinades

Real Marriages – Flavor Marriages… They do have something in common. To work, the components must meld well together.

Same goes for your BBQ Marinade.

Marinades turn even the toughest cuts of meat into tender perfection.

However…it’s all about that base. What’s in your marinade?

Here’s a hint for your inner marinade maestro

Start with Worcestershire.

sauce for thought

Do you know what the main component of most Worcestershire sauces’ available on the market is?


Yep…those little fish found on your grandpa’s pizza.

Want to skip the whole eyeball part?

4. BBQ Mastery

To be considered a Pitmaster you must be able to grill both Meat AND Veggies, perfectly. Believe it or not, grilling vegetables is no easy feat. First, you have to make sure that they are perfectly cooked, not too soggy or overly done. Second, it must pass the family taste test.

Your cousin’s child, vegan niece, and grandma must ALL APPROVE.

head start

You can use the same rub on vegetables that you use on your meats.

BUT: Vegetables are high in water content, so you must be cautious when applying excess moisture. We recommend using an oil base with your rub. After you have achieved your ideal texture, remove the veggies from the grill and THEN slather on the sauce.

What sauce? Good Sauce. No…Amazing sauce that will rock your world kind of sauce.

Like a punch of Yum to your face kind of Sauce.

5. Last, but most certainly not least,
hoisin SAUCE

Long day, hot sun, ran out of propane, dog ran away, AND forgot to marinade? Before you decide to douse your plans and opt for hot dogs, stay the path and rest easy. Quick doesn’t mean lazy. It means you need a quick win to turn your day around.

For THOSE days, we crafted a quick fix all-in-one boss sauce.

Hoisin sauce is the Eastern equivalent to traditional American BBQ Sauce.

Grill it. Slather it. Enjoy it!

Day Saved.