Before we crossed an ocean, built a saucy empire,

or even had a commercial kitchen, much less a brand, Wan Ja Shan was an idea. Wen Chia-Wu had a vision.

He was a man who had an insatiable passion for…. Soy Sauce and a sincere appreciation for food.

Some people dream of lavish houses or an armada of cars. Wu dreamed of basic human necessity. You have to eat right? Food is the fuel that feeds our bodies and warms our hearts. Why NOT nourish your body with wholesome ingredients mindfully blended.

These are the ideas that led one man to create his “Sauce with Thought”.

During our century of Saucifying the World, only one thing has changed….



Subconsciously, our body craves fats, sugars, and salt. When we see these things our brain lights up like a Lite Bright.

Ever wonder why the list of ingredients on processed foods is like reading a dissertation? Companies KNOW that we are built with an innate need to fulfill this bodily reaction.

Those “sweet” additives are lining their pockets and leaving you wanting more.

Here is



We use real ingredients, sourced from nature to satisfy your body. You will never leave our table wanting more. That was Wu’s legacy.


Sauce For Life

Delicious and Nutritious SAUCE.


The secret is that there is no secret. We proudly publish all of our ingredients and methods. 99.9% of our ENTIRE Sauce Line-Up is Plant based.


Our brewmasters delicately select the highest quality ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Strolling the aisles of the market shouldn’t be dedicated to reading ingredients hoping that some company didn’t pull a fast one. Health shouldn’t be based on a price-point or an ingredient lottery.

At Wan Ja Shan…. we listened to our elder and followed in his footsteps.

For some, nutrition is a food fad to cash in on. For us, it’s our way of life.

Stay Saucy + Grub ON!