soy sauce

A Foodgasam of Exotic Flavors

The result of Nature’s Super Food, the Majestic Bean, and Live Cultures aged to perfection using an Heirloom Recipe.

glazes + marinades

Mix IT, Glaze IT, Shake It UP

mar-i-nades: A saucy flavor bath for your food

glazes: A generous coating of sauce that adds HI-YA to your dinner feasting

Why Settle for Less?


consciously salty

Stamped with Mama Nature’s Seal of Approval. No Body Should Be Forced to Consume Bland, Chemically Created Sauce.

Feed Your Body Well Using A Sauce With SOUL

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hot sauce + vinegar

spicy life v.s. pucker friends


Excite The Entire Family With The Classic Flavors of the EAST Made in the WEST

Why Choose One, When You Can Have BOTH?

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consciously crafted from farm to ferment
99.9 % of our products are VEGAN

salty truths

We chose the Hudson Valley as our home. Our Founder, and to some grandfather, instilled in us the importance of taking care of our environment. This seed has taken root and become a core company ideal.

The purity of nature, here, calms our spirits And allows us to produce an exceptional Soy Sauce filtered with a fresh, local water supply.

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