glazes + marinades

Go Big or Go Hungry
A Sauce For Everyone

An Heirloom Recipe Of Local Ingredients, Carefully Blended Together To Create The Taste of Authenticity

  • slow-fermented
  • From 6 Months
    to 1+ Years

soy sauce glaze collection

SLATHER,  DIP,  REPEAT. Our Soy Sauce Glazes Give You More Ways to Indulge in the Smoky, Umami Flavors you Love Thick-ER Juici-ER Sweet-ER The Taste is Just Bett-ER

classic soy sauce glaze

Luscious, Caramel Consistency
Infused With Vibrant Umami Flavors
To Craft The Classic Glaze With Unlimited Uses.

Sauce It Up
sweet soy sauce glaze

A Whole New Way to Sugar Coat It

The Timeless Salty Taste Of Our Heirloom Shoyu
Naturally Thickened To Douse your Dinner
And Delight Your Palate.

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premium soy sauce glaze

Kitchen Skills a Bit Sloppy?

Drench IT
In the Premium Glaze
Created To Give Your Dinner Don’ts
The Refined Flavor of Dinner Dos

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teriyaki sauce collection

Timeless Taste That Has Inspired Generations of Cuisine Our Teriyaki Collection Uses Simple, Wholesome Ingredients Harvested At Their Peak To Craft This Master Sauce.

teriyaki sauce

A Pure Teriyaki That Remains True To The Original Recipe Real Quality Never Sacrifices Flavor

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organic teriyaki sauce

Natural IS Normal. Our Organic Teriyaki Embodies The Timeless Flavors Provided By Nature And Enhanced By Time + Skill.

Quality IS ASSURED By A Flavor That IS Unparalleled

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worcestershire sauce collection

Our Worcestershire Collection Debunks The Mysterious Western Sauce Made From A Rather Fishy Ingredient.

If You Are What You Eat Then You Might Want To Forgo Mainstream Worcestershire And Its Sea Creature Based Ingredients.

Free your Food From Eyeball Laden Condiments And Carpe Some Sauce Free From Scales!

worcestershire sauce

Say Adios To Additives + Anchovies And Share a Salty Salute To A Worcestershire Sauce Free From Mystery Ingredients.

Same Juicy, Mouth-Watering Flavor That’s An Homage To American Summertimes With None of the Fishy Stuff

Sauce It Up
Premium Worcestershire Sauce

A Clever Creation of Classically Crafted Flavors.

The All-Natural, Fish-Free Marinade
With An Incredible Depth Of Mouth-Watering Robust, Tangy Notes That Sets The Standard For Superior

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specialty sauce collection

Turn A Traditional Meal On Its Head, In Ten Seconds FLAT

With The Exotic Flavors of the East Made In The West

We Take The Time, So You Don’t Have To.

Wheat-Free, Vegan Options · MSG FREE
unagi sauce


When WJS Style Salty Meets Sushi…
It’s a Tastebud GAME OVER!!

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mushroom oyster sauce *vegan

Just Because The World Is Your Oyster
Doesn’t Mean That You Have To Eat Them.

Presenting the Fish-Free, Handcrafted Alternative.

Rich, Lustrous, Salty Glory
Full-Bodied For A Full Flavor

Sauce It Up

The Internationally Revered BBQ Staple That’s Brewing Up A Storm.

Sauce So Sick, You’ll Be Hos’in Your Food In A Bath Of Bottle Lickin’ Brew

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dumpling sauce


What Does Your Family Dip?

Wings, Dumplings, Vegetables

Dunk Your Dinner V.I.P.s In A Vat Of Living Nutrition

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