Organic Is Not Alternative

When You’re Crafting Sauce This Good, It’s Easy to Be A Little Salty

  • slow-fermented
  • From 6 Months
    to 1+ Years

organic shoyu + ponzu collection

Wan Ja Shan Started As An Umami Infused Aroma That Spread Across The Globe. Share In The Salty Dream Of One Man To Make Natural Normal. At Wan Ja Shan, We Create A Sauce For Every Body, That Any Body Can Enjoy.

organic shoyu

Sustainable Farming For A Sensational Flavor. Our Organic Soy Sauce Is The Meal Time Passion Project Of Nature Meets Nurture.

organic less-sodium shoyu

Presenting The Responsibly Salty Sauce That Lacks For NOTHING. Satisfy YOUR Sodium Craving With Umami.

organic ponzu citrus Shoyu

A Ponzu To Pique Your Palate And Please Your Conscious. Lemons, Picked At The Peak Of Ripeness, Unite With The Hand Crafted Flavor Of Our Masterfully Brewed Organic Soy.

organic tamari soy sauce collection

Premium Rich, Viscous Japanese-Styled Sauce Packed With The Living Nutrition Of The Majestic Soybean. Responsibly Salty, Always Authentic

Wan Ja Shan Tamari Organic Sauce
organic tamari shoyu

Matured to Bring Out an Intense Umami Taste And a Dark Molasses Glow The Taste of Nature’s Less Salty Side

organic gluten-free tamari shoyu

An Organic Upgrade to Gluten-Free, This Tamari Is Our Way Of Sharing The Sauce Love With EVERYONE A Sauce for All

Wan Ja Shan Tamari Organic Gluten-Free Sauce
Wan Ja Shan Tamari Sauce - Organic, Less Sodium, Gluten-Free
organic gluten-free, less-sodium tamari shoyu

In This Organic Favorite, We Simmered Down The Salt and Amped Up The Natural Soybean Content To Craft An Exceptional Depth Of Flavor That Goes Against The Grain. Our Authentic Alternative To Conventional.

organic worcestershire sauce collection

Savor The Complex Spiced Notes Of Nutrition GONE Naughty. The Worcestershire Sauce That’s Breaking Tradition. Real Ingredients Makes A REALLY Good Sauce: Organic + Vegan + Gluten-Free

Wan Ja Shan Worcestershire Sauce - Organic Gluten Free Vegan
organic worcestershire sauce

Rich, Amber Liquid Matured To Cultivate The Timeless Tang Of This World Renowned Earthy Marinade Made Wholesome

organic spicy worcestershire sauce

Organic Peppers Add A Tongue Tease To Our Spicy Rendition Of A Time-Honored Marinade. Naturally Flavored Favorite Steeped In Tradition

Wan Ja Shan Spicy Worcestershire Sauce - Organic, Gluten-Free, and Vegan

organic specialty sauce collection

The Organic Sauce Collection That Serves An Authentic Salty Supper Time Solution In A Bottle

Wheat-Free Options · MSG FREE
Wan Ja Shan Shiitake Stir Fry Sauce Organic Vegetarian Gluten Free
organic shiitake stir-fry sauce


organic teriyaki sauce

The Crude-Free Naughty Way To Get Your Nutrients. Basic Never Tasted So Good

Wan Ja Shan Teriyaki Organic Sauce
Wan Ja Shan Organic Dumpling Sauce - Mild Sodium, Gluten-Free, and Fat-Free
dumpling sauce, mild sodium

Tinged With Citrus, Spice, And Everything Naturally Nice Our Mild-Sodium Dumpling Sauce Is A Delicious Balancing Act Of Flavors The Entire Family Can Dip With

organic spicy dumpling sauce, mild sodium

Heat It UP To Turn Grub From Blasé To Blazin’ With Our Slow-Steeped Organic Recipe That Turns The Tables On Tradition

Wan Ja Shan Spicy Dumpling Sauce - Mild Sodium and Gluten Free

Organic Rice Vinegar

Wan Ja Shan Organic Rice Vinegar
organic rice vinegar


Explore hand-drawn image of a silhouette of a stereotypical asian man’s visage with emphasis on the beard area and use a painted calligraphy font for the title “Grandfather’s Wisdom.”
Grandfather Wu founded Wan Ja Shan under a single guiding principle that was paramount to ALL others.


All Of Our Products Would Be Made Using Real Food + Unadulterated Ingredients From The Earth


From day one to now, our philosophy has remained the same. The only difference is an upgrade to our equipment…
A requirement to pass modern health codes.

Join the Salty Side of Life