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Because Sometimes, Being a Little Salty Works in Your Favor

Wan Ja Shan / 萬家香 is what happens when your love for Soy Sauce becomes a delicious obsession.


Almost 75 years ago, our founder, Wen Hwa-Wu went a little over the foodie deep end. Under the tutelage of Buddhist Monks, he crafted an heirloom recipe for soy sauce that we still use to this day.


Our company’s name literally translates as “The Aroma of 10,000 Houses,” because it was whispered that you could smell Wu’s sauce from miles away. Wan Ja Shan bottled up that Salty Passion and crossed the ocean to turn dinner on its head State Side. If that wasn’t enough, Wu couldn’t just open a factory and call it a day. He felt the need to do it right. Go figure.


Wu built our home in Upstate New York, where we have access to clean water and the peace of nature. Because calm and patience are essential ingredients in our authentic process. Oh yeah…social and eco-responsibility…don’t even get us started. These are the tenants on which he constructed the companies ideals. So yeah…all in all. He was a pretty o.k. guy. Spice is nice, but that rich, salty Umami flavor… is oh, so much better.

Fermenting Since 1945


Fermenting Since 1945

Teamwork Makes The…End Product A Whole Heap More Tasty.

Enjoy the process of dreaming up your next divine concoction and leave the Secret Sauce to Us. For almost 100 years, Wanjashan has partnered with businesses like you to develop original flavors.

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